Saturday, May 19, 2007

Human Trafficking in Laval

A Laval couple has been charged with Human Trafficking under the Canadian Criminal Code; I'll refrain from getting into the details, you can get those on any news site around the net, especially any dealing with the Montreal area, but needless to say that this is er... Unsettling news.

There's already people rising to the defence of the couple, saying that the woman in question wasn't mistreated, imprisoned or subjugated; let's hope that this is the case. A deranged illegal immigrant with an axe to grind against her employer is far more pleasant a thought then the alternative. Unfortunately, I doubt this is the case.

What is far more likely is that these people are sick, disturbed and completely fucking inhumane. I will keep an eye this case as it progresses, because it will likely have implications more or less all across the board; if they're convicted, there'll be a call for more vigilance with regards to illegal immigration, there'll be a call for tougher laws with regards to human trafficking and there'll be a media blitz to find out "How could this ever happen here?!"

It will be absolutely frightful but, if these allegations prove true, it won't be half as frightful as the ordeal this Ethiopian woman's been through. Anyone who's spent even a moment perusing this blog will know how much I value individual freedom (yes John, I know), what these people are alleged to have done is so antithetical to my worldview that the very thought of it boils my blood.

What the swine who buy and sell people do to get themselves to sleep at night has got to be fucking effective, it's the only way to explain that they aren't all dead - and the world is worse for it.

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It appears you do have soem common sense after all. and i thank you for the reference of yours truely