Friday, May 25, 2007

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen

André Boisclair's political suicide left a nice little void at the head of this Province's Natural Ruling People, as the RoC liberal pundits put it, a void which the party has yet to officially fill. It looks, however, as though - just as I stated last time I discussed the matter - Pauline Marois will lead the Party into the next election; it may be much sooner than we might think.

Reportedly, madame Marois was consulted - make that gave authorization to the PQ's recent move to oppose the Liberal budget proposal. That gives you an idea how tight the leadership race in that party really is.

The opposition to the budget is interesting. Both the ADQ and the PQ are likely to tow that particular line, but the PQ opposing a tax-cut means two things; they're moving away from the right side of the political spectrum, rather than towards it as was previously thought and their being the first to oppose the motion says that Marois actually trusts she has enough political capital to make a significant gain for the PQ in the election that the defeat of this budget would eventually entail.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this budget and the reactions to it. Firstly, I like keeping the money I make; it's this crazy thing about being poor, so I applaud any motion to give us a tax-cut, however... Quebec's finances are, er, not in what could be called an idyllic condition and cutting away more revenue doesn't strike me as the best way to help that. The tax-cut could still be achieved if the Quebec government did a bit of, er, pruning.

The primary reason that the ADQ got my vote was their 'cut away at bureaucracy with the big knife' policy and... Well, if that policy were to somehow find it's way onto Jean Charest's desk... Well let's just say that we could more than afford that tax-cut.

But why listen to little old me? It's much more fun to have the OLF and dozens of useless programs to help artists and bolster francophone television ratings.


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