Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homophobic Maine and a Bottle of Rum

Well, there you go. Again the American electorate is asked to allow loving couples to live together under the same social and legal protections as exist for half-miserable (50% divorce rate) straight couples and again, the idea of two dudes kissing has proven just too damned icky to allow such a thing as equality, decency or compassion to gain even an inch of ground.

It's fucking sickening to think that such an inhuman mass of knee-jerk, unthinking, prejudicial and downright cruel people lives just a stone's throw from my home.

Shame on you, Maine. You're better than that.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Fred Phelps said...

All for democracy until democracy says no, eh? Then back to threats, lies and blackmale.

Steven Alleyn said...

Fred Phelps (somehow I doubt you're the Westboro Phelps, but whatever), you'll note that at no point in my post did I threaten, lie or blackmail. It was a short statement about my feelings with regards to the defeat of a proposed law in Maine. Fact of the matter is, I recognize the democratic nature of the system and I was merely expressing the opposite opinion to the apparently prevailing one in Maine.

I spoke from the heart, because I know and care about gay people who do want the equality that our respective constitutions promise us.

Democracy, by the way, exists within the structure of our constitutions, which means that - barring extraordinary, super-supermajority situations, what is written in them cannot be changed, willy-nilly. Whether you agree that the equality promised therein covers sexuality appears to be the only real question at hand - and I believe that a proper interpretation of both documents would extend the rights enjoyed by heterosexuals to homosexuals as well.

If you believe homosexuality is a sin, by all means, don't practice it, but respect the individualism inherent in liberal constitutionalism and let other people do what they like. As long as they aren't hurting anyone else, what the fuck is the god damned problem?