Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rushing to Get Things Done

Québec's agriculture lobby (farmers' union, whatever) has asked for a grace period (moratorium) in order that they might be able to comply with recent changes to environmental laws without bankrupting themselves in the process. The union represents independent farmers who cannot afford the massive technological, technical and chemical changes that their massive corporate cousins can get away with and, let's face it, their grace period is not an unreasonable one - the government has agreed to it for that reason; the environment has survived some very abusive conditions since the beginning of the industrial revolution (150 - 175 years ago...) and three years to allow some hard-working people to keep their livelihoods is a perfectly acceptable compromise which will not adversely affect the environment very much more than is already the case.

Greenpeace disagrees; they have demanded that the Québec government rescind their moratorium so that a few thousand fish may live while dozens to hundreds of farmers get deeper into debt or go altogether bankrupt, robbing the food supply of some of its power to stay as cornucopian as we're used to here in North America in the process. Their claims that there is no time to allow for any sort of transitional greening of the UPA would be more credible if they weren't in the habit of using scare tactics to force government hands.

It is unfortunate that Canadian libel laws prevent me from saying that Greenpeace is a terrorist organization without any proof. I have to find more roundabout and indirect ways of saying Greenpeace is a terrorist organization. What is true is that Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth advised a Zambian leader not to accept food offered to his country in foreign aid that Zambia desperately needed because they said it would cause allergies in his citizens, essentially they scared him into not taking food that could feed thousands, saving them - at least temporarily - from starvation and death, by saying it was poisonous. They used fear to get a high-level political leader to say something bad about GMOs so that they could claim that capitalism is destroying the world.

The use of fear and sacrifice of innocent lives to achieve a political aim... Wow, I really shouldn't say that Greenpeace is a terrorist organization.
A side note - I'd like to thank 'This Hour has 22 Minutes' for teaching me about how libel laws work.

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