Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Ageing Society

Well, what do you know? Census data has told us something we already knew! The population is getting older and we wee ones are going to have to foot the bill; wouldn't you know that the bloated, wasteful, inefficient bureaucracy which is meant to be our means of supporting the boomer generation just happens to be bloated, inefficient & wasteful because of the thousands of make-work gubmint jobs that same generation created to acommodate their unbearably large number.

So, as I've suggested in the past, we need to do some pruning. We've got to streamline the system in good capitalist fashion and maintain the system's universality in good socialist fashion. I would never think of sticking all of our elderly on an ice floe to die; besides warming's making finding a floe that big a bit tricky, it would be a dereliction of responsibility.

That being said, the boomers will die and, eventually (18 - 25 years), the social median age will begin to stabilize. In any event, without knowing if it's representative, I've noticed a massive number of new pregnancies this summer, so maybe we're in the middle of our own little boom.

One can hope. Whilst cringing.

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Yasir said...

Let us all hold hands and blame nature's menopausal hot-flashes for our inability to rid ourselves of the elderly in the good old Canadian-true fashion.