Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Big Red A at the Bottom of the Page

You may have noticed the big ole' A at the bottom of my page; it's part of an internet campaign that I'm proud to be a part of. It's designed to let people who might otherwise be isolated in their non-faith know that they aren't alone. Any website or blog bearing that big A is a website run by a person proclaiming their atheism to the world. Not everyone is as lucky as me - big city, secular province, etc; not everyone lives in an area where it's OK to be an atheist.

Yet it is part & parcel with the next step in human intellectual advancement; philosophy, ethics & morality can not advance much further with ancient fairy-tales holding them back. Those people hiding their non-faith in the intolerant regions of the US, europe, etc, know this as well as the rest of us, but they naturally fear rejection and loneliness. So this is mine & others' gesture towards them, letting them know that it is safe to proclaim their understanding of the universe and their doubt of the fictional framework of their oppressive society.

So here's to the next step.


Arthur said...

the out campaign? Sounds like some homo let-us-help-you-come-out-the-closet-so -we-can-molest-you campaign..

Grateful Web said...

What if Atheism had a Church?

What if that Church was the Network?

What if millions and millions of Atheists realized in one single moment, on one single day, they were part of a huge community with no national borders? Bigger perhaps, then any other single 'Church' ?

Thanks for your site, here is my post link on Grateful Web: