Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Planck Anomalies©

It appears that NASA has a new project designed to unearth the very nature of the universe's unknowables, which is bizarre. Not that I don't think we should know (although with the recent botched Scottish terror attacks, this whole setup is making Ken MacLeod look prophetic and his book, the Execution Channel, downright scary), but the concept of somehow observing something we cannot observe does have a touch of the absurd squirreled away within itself.

I imagine the engineers at NASA have envisioned, or expect, by 2015 to have envisioned some method of observing the Dark Energy that they're keen on understanding, but, when you consider that less than a half-century ago our space missions were confined to rock samples and pictures, the progress in scientific inquiry can be considered downright terrifying. Or at least more than a little terrific.

I am keen to see results of this kind of research; there were followers of Raymond Kurzweil who had predicted the singularity for some time in 2005, which was laughable, but in the right vein on thought; the singularity does appear to be very, very close. The more advanced the research gets, the closer we get to a sort of unity between the various branches of science and technology.

The next twelve to fifteen years will be very interesting.


Anonymous said...

I'm 60 pages in to MacLeod's latest, and it has already led me to interesting places. Fascinating but, as you say, scary....

Anonymous said...

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