Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lucid Lucien Ludicrousness

The former Québecois Premier, the Honourable Lucien Bouchard, is hellbent on getting his provincial compatriots to put their noses right up to the grindstones - even if that means getting those noses ground off. The premier's position, and the province's current statistics / predicament were perfectly outlined in the Montreal Gazette by Janet Bagnall [Link] and I shan't delve much further into those aspects of the situation. Instead, I wish to examine Mr. Bouchard's motives in suggesting a surge towards economic growth through the abolition of free time.

Essentially, the purpose of economic growth is to increase the material prosperity of the individuals who contribute to the economy. Why? Well in capitalism growth is for growth's sake, but the idea is that increased material prosperity leads to happier, healthier, more content little capitalist citizens.

And therein lies the essential protest, the argument against the call to the grind. What good is it to work every waking minute of every day, increasing wealth and accumulating stuff if the individuals working don't have the time to themselves to enjoy those things? Mr. Bouchard is having a conniption fit because, of the 260 days he would have Québecois work, annually, they take an absolutely terrifying 14.3 days! A terrible 5.5% of the time he wants all of us to reserve for our corporate overlords!

Let's be serious; senseless growth for growth's sake accomplishes nothing. A little bit of leisure, especially for people who're a bit further down the financial food-chain than Mr. Bouchard and his 400$/hour law practice, is something that, in at least some small measure, is absolutely necessary.

Because sometimes a two day weekend just isn't enough to catch your breath.


your favorite tory said...

oh come on now, Lulu is definetly not my favorite politician BUT he is right! productivity is down in quebec, why is it that it takes half the man hours to do the smae job in ontario as it does in quebec? go watch "l'illusion tranquille" and then post on it.

ps: the montreal gazette is probably the worst rag in the world

Steven Alleyn said...

It's better than some torchons I've seen around. Well; let's be fair, I saw them out of the right side of my peripheral vision. What were they called again? Oh, yeah! The National Post and the Globe & Mail!

Anonymous said...

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- Lucas

Anonymous said...

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