Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Louise Harel and a Bottle of Rum

Which, for the record, is the only way you could convince me to vote for her. Drinking is the sole explanation for how a significant portion of the population could be lining up behind a woman who is proud of her refusal to debate in the language of fully one third of the island she wants to be in charge of.

That's really the heart of this, for me; Harel, by refusing to communicate her message to the massive number of electors in Montreal who might want to hear it but who simply don't understand French has essentially told them that she is not concerned with them. So does Montreal want a mayoral candidate who will not represent its whole population? Does Montreal want a mayoral candidate who'll once again try to divide it along linguistic lines?

Nearly 3 centuries of coexistence in Montreal has finally begun to unite the population in common interests; Harel isn't charismatic enough to undo that, but with power she could push some people to saying and doing very stupid things. It's something we don't need.

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