Monday, December 1, 2008

The Coalition of the Willing

Today, the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Québecois Parties came to an agreement, in principle, to form a coalition government and replace the duly elected Conservatives under the guidance of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper.

Harper played chicken with the opposition, as he is wont to do, only this time they didn’t flinch. Now, if I may be allowed to complete the metaphor, the paramedics – in the person of Michaëlle-Jean – must pry a functional government out of the wreckage.

If she allows Harper to kill the current parliamentary session and pick up in January, we’ll be no better off; he’s lost the confidence of the opposition parties and he’s not getting it back. If she allows him to dissolve parliament and call an election, the Canadian people will elect another Conservative Minority and we’ll be right back where we started. There are only two ways out of this mess:

The Governor-General can allow the opposition to go through with their plan to form a coalition government, or she can allow the Conservatives to keep power on the condition that they replace Stephen Harper.

No matter what happens, Harper’s down for the count.

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