Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Montreal is Burning

Habs fans should be ashamed. This is not how we should be comporting ourselves. We've seen second round meltdowns before; the Habs have a long way to go and undignified, evil disregard for people's property in celebration(?!) is hardly warranted at this point, let alone justifiable.

I wouldn't join in, but I believe that if you are going riot over the playoffs, you might aswell wait until we win the fucking cup.

This is the greatest hockey city in the world; it is home to the greatest, most storied hockey franchise the world has ever seen; we should hold ourselves up as an example to the 29 other NHL cities. This type of crass, uncivilized, barbaric behaviour is unbecoming of soccer hooligans and we shouldn't tolerate it from our own compatriots.

If you know someone who was involved in the rioting, hit him/her. As hard as you can. Smack the spit out of his/her fucking mouth so that they know that they behaved unacceptably. And then shun them, shun them until they admit their mistakes and/or decide to turn themselves in to the god damned law. Then hit them again.

This stuff is terrible.

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marsha said...

It is particularly upsetting as a canadian (and a Habs fan) to view this from afar. You like to think that all is well back home and that people are relatively civilized...