Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ineffectual Bureaucracy

What will it take to keep Disney's abominable legacy off of Lord Stanley's Silver? Seems like it'll take a miracle, at this point. The Ottawa Senators keep putting up one disappointing performance after another; last night they had a chance to even things out with Pronger out on suspension and Emery in top form. They blew that chance.

They lost 3 to 2 in what was arguably their last chance to get back into this. Now they go back to Anaheim where they must win if they are to come out of this alive. In fact there is no more losing if they are to take this cup home.

So it might aswell be over now.

I'm gonna start talking politics again as soon as a) there's something genuinely interesting in the political scene to talk about and b) the Stanley Cup Final is over.

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