Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Metro Lines and Greenpeace

On my way into Montreal this morning, I was greeted by an announcement on the subway's public address system by a number of influential people from Montreal and Canada's political landscape, starting with Montreal's Mayor, Gérald Tremblay and running through a gamut of people who I'm certain I was supposed to know, but whom I could not care less for; until the voice switched to a man representing Greenpeace who began, at once, to laud the city of Montreal for expanding its public transit system, declaring it a victory for the environment and another step in the journey to combat global warming - or something to that effect.

Leaving aside my views about the global warming issue, and leaving aside the fact that this will, in fact, cut down on greenhouse gas emissions - which is a good thing - I want to focus on the fact that we, as a society, put any stock in a single thing Greenpeace has to say.

It is absolutely stunning to me that Greenpeace, in the current political climate, manages to maintain a positive social image. By any conventional definition the group is an umbrella organization for terrorist groups. Sea-Shepherd and the Animal Liberation Front being two such groups which instantly come to mind. Both groups have either passive or active support, at any given moment, from Greenpeace for actions which are meant to affect political change through violence. Sea-Shepherd rams and sinks whaling boats with reinforced barges. They value the lives of whales above the lives of human beings!

Greenpeace itself engages in misinformation campaigns and contradictory protests which impede economic and political growth between Canada and the USA. A few years ago, Greenpeace blockaded an American Aircraft Carrier, which ran on nuclear power, with a fleet of gasoline-oil mixture burning, internal combustion powered dinghies. At last check, nuclear power produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and IC engines produce a metric fuckload.

We live in a time when terrorists are hunted and killed for their actions - or so we're told - yet here we are, sitting on our laurels while a terrorist organization operates within our own borders to destroy the material basis of our society. Greenpeace is a group dangerous, luddite, misinformed (see their releases about Genetically Modified Food Testing) terrorists who prefer animals and plants to people and who would rather see civilization reduced to ashes than see another old-growth tree get a hunk chainsawed out of its trunk.


Guillaume Theoret said...

Entirely agree.

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