Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Clearcut Woodlands

Well, André Boisclair's gone.


He's not dead or anything, though politically he might aswell be. After thoroughly bungling the last election campaign and getting the smallest party representation the PQ has reeled in over the past thirty years, the heat was on for him to step down; it finally got too hot for him, today.

This is good news for Québecois. This is bad news for Québecois. Really, it's both.

For the next few months, at least, the separatist representation in the national assembly will be in disarray, leaving the Liberals and the Action Démocratique to get on with the business of actually governing. I mean, I know it's a stretch, but maybe with less hysterical interjection, the floor of the national assembly will be open to actual progress within the framework of its new minority.

Further, the discord that the citizens of Québec will be witnesses to within the party should help to drag voters kicking and screaming away from the nationalists. Unfortunately, this is far less likely than I dare hope. The more likely situation is far more unpleasant, politically.

Pierre Curzi & Pauline Marrois are well liked by the Party and they're well liked by the province and one of the two is definitely next in line for the PQ hotseat. What's worse; both are competent. That's the worst combination we could ever come across: nationalism and competence. The last time that combination came onto the political scene, we had a referendum. In fact, we've had referendums both times that combination has come onto Québec's political scene.

René Lévesques, Jacques Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard... It was scary how charismatic, competent and just plain crazy those guys were. I fear a ressurgence.


your favorite conservative said...

well i have now bookmarked you so i will get my weekly dose of freedom hating form where ever me and mozart (my laptop) go.
have a good summer,and let us take a moment of rejoicement for the end of sorry excuse the openly gay cokehead had for a political career

Steven Alleyn said...

To be fair, whether or not he was openly gay was neither here nor there, it's the cokehead bit that gets me.

Your Favorite conservative said...

if you think for one second he would have gotten this far in the anywhere else in western hemisphere you greatly dissapoint me. if anything drugsa re becoming more of an accepted thing and i quote Bill clinton "yeah i tried it, i never inhaled, but i tried it" MY ASS!

Steven Alleyn said...

Just saying that who he likes to fuck is irrelevent - beyond the fact that he's not a euneuch; I want the members of my government to identify with the population at least a little. The fact that he did cocaine while serving in office is what really gets me.

I don't care how cool the kids think it is and I don't care if he does coke in his free time at home, but there are allegations that he was doing cocaine in office during the nineties. That's disturbingly irresponsible.