Saturday, April 28, 2007

Strokin' the Token

Remember last month when I said that we'd entered the Age of Minorities? There were no comments; there're never any comments, of course, I write this because I have something to say and I don't expect a single word back, however... I was reading the Gazette during my lunch break today and I came across an editorial about how - get this - we can expect more minority governments in the years to come!

Well of course we can expect more minority governments! The right's consolidated it's power, the liberals have killed their credibility, the Bloc will never lose it's Québecois fortress and there's not a single interesting promise or leader among the major parties. In addition, the parties are no longer in semi-fascist / totalitarian control of the country and the democratic process seems to be paying off - as I said last time I dealt with this, things are getting done.

It's a bit flattering that it took the mainstream media this long to catch on to something that I've known since february and that I'd already written about and forgotten before Québec's new government was a week old. As I find my theories about the future of Canadian politics getting confirmed more and more often, I sometimes wonder if'n maybe I should be working for these newspapers. I mean, is it really fair that two or three people on the internet should be the only ones to have the privilege of drinking from the fountain of knowledge which my mind has become?

I believe the fountain needs a bigger spigot.

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