Monday, April 9, 2007

The Holey Babble

For some years now, my friend and I have been crafting a new faith - something which we could present to people as the definitive view of the creation of the cosmos. The Holey (not a typo) texts being accumulated slowly in the Babble weave a tale of a world forged in Deistic Relief and human rebellion and indecency.

This text contains, so far as I know, the most plausible postulate about the creation of our universe ever advanced by one human being and explains, in the first few books, a great many things about human nature.

Also, it is a series of texts which do not shy away from the most important natural functions of the human body: Sex, Defecation, Murder, Violence, Narcotic Intoxication and Drinking.

This faith shall revolutionize the way all of humanity views itself.

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