Friday, March 23, 2007

Predictions for March 26th

It is fairly obvious at this point that, barring unforseen skeletons in a party-leader's closet or some other freak turn of public opinion, the election will yield a minority government (I'll have an in depth post about that soon enough), so here are the possible outcomes, in my opinion:

(Note that the following numbers are not representative of anything beyond my level of certainty)

Minority government: 95%
Liberal Minority: 70%
PQ Minority: 26%
ADQ Minority: 4%
Liberal Majority (yeah, unbelievable long shot): 3%
PQ Majority: 2%

So, come tuesday, I expect to see Charest half-smiling in the newspaper and I also expect to once again have proof that my riding is incorrigibly PQ.

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